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Welcome to Elevon Spotter

By Elevon, Jul 02 2019

Welcome to Elevon Spotter.


We here at Elevon created Spotter after years of being frustrated with how we were expected to do software testing. We weren't willing to accept that:

  • we needed to build an extremely fragile second app to test our primary app
  • make ship/no ship decisions without knowing the exact state of the code we were about to ship
  • we never have the time necessary to do proper regression testing
  • end-to-end testing was never really end-to-end
  • our testing teams shouldn't spend as much time fixing existing automated tests as creating new ones
  • our mobile app, web apps, and API's all required different testing tools

Our goals for Spotter are:

  • make end-to-end testing really end-to-end
  • make regular complete regression testing plausible
  • make end-to-end and regression testing automatic - not automated
  • no need to write code or maintain thousands of individual tests
  • fix the test data problem
  • seamless integration into a CI/CD pipeline
  • one test platform for all your apps and APIs

How we do it

We believe that we should let the testing software do what software does well, so we humans can focus on what we do well. That means making the software find changes and letting humans determine if the changes are correct or not.

Other testing tools rely on humans to think of all of the ways that software can break and then describe the desired behavior to the software in enough detail that the software can then figure out if the software's behavior is correct. We think this is nuts.

Every feature of Spotter is designed to shift the burden off of the tester and on to Spotter.

Join Us

We hope you will join us on our journey to bring common sense to software testing. Sign up for a demo today to see how Spotter can handle your regression testing needs.

Thad Parker - Founder/CEO

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